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What funding is available to deliver your qualifications?

The main funding available for Sports Leaders UK qualifications are:


  • Education Funding Agency (EFA) 14-19 year old - in line with the funding formula and study programmes guidance
  • Ask parents/carers to help - they may see the value in the skills and confidence the course gives
  • Pupil Premium Funding
  • Enrichment Budgets
  • Schools examination budget

FE & HE:

  • Skills Funding Agency Funding (SFA)

If you require any support contact your regional Partnerships Team member.

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  • Partnerships Team
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What is the difference between an award and qualification?

A qualification requires formal assessment, is regulated and has external quality assurance.

An award is a programme of learning that does not have formal assessment and the delivery is internally quality assured.

  • Award
  • Qualification
  • Diffrence

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How do I link sports leadership with learning from other qualifications?

There are opportunities for existing learning to contribute towards Sports Leaders UK qualifications:

  • Link
  • Mapping
  • evidence mapping
  • Prior Learning
  • Equivalents and Exemptions
  • Equivalents
  • Exemptions

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What is bridging?

Learners can bridge between qualifications if there are shared units between them. Bridging registration fees are lower than the standard registration fees because there is less content for us to administer and quality assure.

Find out which qualifications offer bridging here




  • Bridging
  • shared units

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What are the Quan codes?

Level 1:

Level 1 Qualification in Sports Leadership  (SL1) - 601/8579/X

Level 1 Award in Dance Leadership (DL1) - 500/9997/8

Level 1 Award in Sports Volunteering (SV1) - 600/3203/0

Level 2:

Level 2 Qualification in Sports Leadership  (SL2) - 601/8581/8

Level 2 Qualification in Community Sports Leadership (CSL) - 601/8584/3

Level 2 Award in Dance Leadership  (DL2) - 601/5831/1

Level 2 Certificate in Dance Fitness Leadership (DFL2) - 601/5832/3

Level 2 Certificate in Community Dance Leadership (CDL2) - 601/5833/5

Level 2 Award in Community Sports Volunteering (CSV2) - 600/3497/x

Level 2 Award in Assisting in Basic Expedition Leadership (ABEL2) - 600/4320/9

Level 2 Award in Leadership for Engaging Older Disabled People in Physical Activity - 601/5192/4

Level 3:

Level 3 Qualification in Sports Leadership (HSL3) - 601/8586/7

Level 3 Award in Day Walk Leadership (DWL3) - 500/9651/5

Level 3 Certificate in Basic Expedition Leadership (BEL3) - 500/9858/5

Level 5:

Level 5 Certificate in Primary School Physical Education Specialism - 601/1160/4

Level 6:

Level 6 Award in Primary School Physical Education Subject Leadership - 601/1171/9


More information on Qualifications and Awards.


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What happens if learners do a mix of community and non-community leadership hours?

For a learner to gain the new Level 2 Award in Community Sports Leadership they must complete 10 hours of demonstration of leadership within the community. 

Some examples:

If the learner completes 5 hours in the community and 5 hours within the Centre, they would have completed the Level 2 Award in Sports Leadership. 

If the learner completes 9 hours in the community and 1 hour within the Centre, again they will complete the Level 2 Award in Sports Leadership. 

If the learner completes 10 hours in the community and none in the Centre they will gain the Level 2 Award in Community Sports Leadership.

Community sport guidance:

Any leadership that is undertaken outside of school curriculum time (e.g. leading an extra-curricular group; leading at a community sports club)

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  • SL2
  • New qualifications
  • Demonstration of leadership
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Can we use Recognition of Prior Learning where relevant?

For any Sports Leadership course starting after 1st September 2016 the Learner Evidence Record is a mandatory document for all learners. However the following guidance is applicable in relation to RPL:
• A Centre is permitted to RPL if the assessment criteria/minimum action matches over with another qualification.
• If a learner uses a worksheet/assignment from another qualification that must be clearly signposted within the LER and during IV/QA engagement that piece of work should be attached to the LER. 
• It is not enough for a Tutor/Assessor to say that their learners have completed work elsewhere and leave the LER blank.

  • LER
  • Learner Evidence Record
  • Course

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Which Level 2 Quan code shall I use?

Offering a more flexible certification pathway for Level 2 sports leadership qualifications means that Centres might not know what they will certificate learners for SL2 or CSL2 until the end of the academic year.

Which Quan code should you use?

If your exams' officer needs to submit a Quan code for study programmes to DfE then they can use SL2 (601/8581/8). You will still be able to choose SL2 or CSL2 certificates at the end. There is no difference in qualification size or cost.

  • Quan codes
  • CSL2
  • SL2
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