The Literacy Leader Award teaches leadership skills and enables pupils and students to lead small groups in simple literacy based activities (for example, teaching the basic structure of a sentence or writing about how a game might be played) whilst under direct supervision of their tutor or teacher.

By learning how to lead others, pupils and students will develop a greater understanding of the subject area which will lead to an increase in their personal attainment.

  • Recommended age: 13 and over
  • Course length: 30 hours (approximately)
  • Price: View the price
  • Assessment: There is no formal assessment.
  • Teaching the course: The tutor must be from an authenticated offical organisation. However no attendance to a Sports Leaders UK Tutor Training day required.

Unit Overview

  • Unit 1 - Planning, preparing and assisting a simple literacy activity
  • Unit 2 - Communication and motivation skills for leading a literacy activity
  • Unit 3 - Delivering literacy across the curriculum
  • Unit 4 - Compendium of literacy games and activities
  • Unit 5 - Organising and running a literacy event
  • Unit 6 - Demonstration of leadership skills in literacy

Date printed: 17/06/2019

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