A Step By Step Guide to Running the PlayMaker Award

1.    Apply to run the PlayMaker Award

Complete the electronic Course Application Form  and become a Non-Approved Assessment Centre, via the Approved Assessment Centre (AAC) form.

Prices can be requested.

2.    Access the Tutor Association

You will be given log in details to access the Tutor Association. If you are currently running another Sports Leaders UK award or qualification you may already have your Tutor Association log in information. Within the Tutor Association you will find the PlayMaker Award Tutor Resource as well as other useful links and resources.

3.    Read the PlayMaker Award Tutor Resource

The Tutor Resource guides you, the Tutor, through the PlayMaker Award and helps  you with:

  • The delivery of the award.
  • Administration of the award.
  • Award certification.

This will give the Tutor the confidence to run a really successful award.

4.    Deliver the Playmaker Award

To run a successful course, use the Tutor Resource as a guide rather than a script. Adapt the activities and resources to suit your learners' needs.

At this stage it is important to register any learners that are taking part in the PlayMaker Award so you can access their personalised Leadership Journal. Each learner will have access to Leadership Journal which should be used to record their leadership experiences. You can print these personalised Leadership Journals from the Tutor Association under a tab at the top called 'Journals'.

5.    Decide who has completed the course

To request your PlayMaker Certificates for each learner, please complete the Certificate Request Form for any learners who have completed the award. This form is emailed to you once you register your learners.

6.    Think about 'what's next?' for your PlayMakers

Now that the PlayMakers have completed the course, what will they do next? Your PlayMakers now have the opportunity to put their basic leadership skills into practice by undertaking different leadership challenges. Please use the "Leadership Challenges" section of the Tutor Resource to guide you through the challenges.

Downloadable certificates are available to recognise the achievements of PlayMakers for the leadership experience they are able to demonstrate.

7.    Deliver another PlayMaker Award

Just simply complete another Course Application Form to deliver another PlayMaker Award.

If you have any other questions about our awards please contact us.

Date printed: 12/11/2019

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