Women, Get Set, Go! is a personal development programme that has been specifically designed for women and girls (14 years and over). It encourages females to enter into community leisure leadership positions, and to develop their involvement both for their own benefit and for the benefit of the community in general.

The course encourages women and girls to communicate with confidence, value their own skills, understand how the world of sport and leadership works, and to develop a personal action plan for their future involvement in sports leadership.

  • Recommended age: Women and girls aged 14+
  • Course length: 15 hours (approximately)
  • Price: View the price
  • Assessment: There is no formal assessment.
  • Teaching the course: The tutor must be from an authenticated offical organisation. However no attendance to a Sports Leaders UK Tutor Training day required.

Units Overview

  • Unit 1 - Introducing/Getting to know you
  • Unit 2 - Communication
  • Unit 3 - Organisational skills
  • Unit 4 - What have you got going for you?
  • Unit 5 - Understanding sport
  • Unit 6 - Practical Leadership Opportunities/Feedback
  • Unit 7 - Setting goals and action planning
  • Unit 8 - Reflection and evaluation


Date printed: 17/06/2019

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