The SCQF Level 6 Certificate in Higher Sports Leadership is a nationally recognised qualification that enables successful learners to lead unsupervised groups of people in sport and recreational activities. This qualification builds upon the skills and experience gained through the SCQF Level 5 Award in Community Sports Leadership, the SCQF Level 5 Award in Sports Leadershipthe Level 2 in Community Sports Leadership (QCF) or the Level 2 Award in Sports Leadership (QCF).

The qualification teaches generic leadership skills such as organisation, planning, communication and teamwork through the medium of sport. It is a fun and practical qualification, with the no entrance requirements* or final examinations to sit.

  • Age: 15+ at the start but 17+ for certification (qualified higher sports leaders can only lead under direct supervision at 17 years old. They can lead independently from 18).
  • Guided Learning Hours: 107 hours (including 30 hours demonstration of leadership).
  • SCQF credit value: 18 credits.
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The qualification will take approximately 107 guided learning hours. However, various factors such as the learner/tutor ratio, the number of learners and the experience levels of the learners will influence the time allocated to the delivery of any given course.

In order for your learners to complete their SCQF Level 6 Certificate in Higher Sports Leadership they must complete a total of 30 hours demonstration of leadership. These 30 hours are made up of the learners completing 10 hours during Unit 2 and then completing a minimum of 20 hours over two of the three optional units below:

  • Unit 2 - Provision of sport within the community (mandatory unit).
  • Unit 6 - Lead sport/activity sessions for children (optional unit).
  • Unit 7 - Lead sport/activity sessions for older people (optional unit).
  • Unit 8 - Lead sport/activity sessions for disabled people (optional unit).

Learners must also gain a National Governing Body award as a compulsory requirement of the qualification.

For Learning Outcomes and Assessment Criteria, please refer to the Tutor Resources.

*From 1 September 2014 there is no longer a requirement for learners to have completed the SCQF Level 5  qualification before starting a SCQF Level 6 Certificate in Higher Sports Leadership course, however it is still  recommended that learners have a SCQF Level 5 sports leadership qualification. For more information click here.

Date printed: 17/06/2019

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